Summer Camp & Courses by IKI-GAIA

The team at IKI-GAIA is excited to announce that they have reached the minimum number of participants required to confirm the 2nd edition of their intergenerational and multicultural summer training camps. These camps focus on Schetinin’s holistic pedagogical model, which has been successfully applied for over 30 years at the Tekos school in Russia. There are still a few places available for those interested.

To stay updated on their activities, they invite everyone to join their reactivated Telegram channel. At the end of the month, they will also host a course on syntropic agriculture, which will include a special session on “sowing water.”

Additionally, they have scheduled open door days on July 6th and 7th, providing an opportunity for visitors to explore and learn more about their community and initiatives.

The unique microclimate of IKI-GAIA, blessed by horizontal rain and an ancestral Mediterranean wetland forest, continues to thrive thanks to the combined efforts of their dedicated team.

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