IT Toolbox

Wondering how ecovillages can stay connected without supporting big tech companies with unethical practices? We strongly believe that self-hosted, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is the most ethical and regenerative way to cover our need for digital connection and build community across distance – so we’ve created an IT toolbox to help our network reduce its reliance on the major technology monopolies. (Want to learn more? We’ve written about it!)

All the tools below are available to our members. Explore our membership page (link) to join us and access these and other tools and resources for a regenerative future!

Information Technology is one of the core elements that enables the European Ecovillage Network to remain active, vibrant and thriving between the unfortunately very few and very much treasured in-person interactions.

Since the foundation of GEN Europe, we have acknowledged the need of being in touch with each other across the distance, and still be able to share our findings, experiences, opportunities, joys and sorrows.

In order to be able to achieve and keep that desired level of connection, GEN Europe works continuously on enabling different online services that can cater to our network member’s needs and help us fulfil our mission.

We also strongly believe that self hosted, Free Open Source Software is the most ethical and regenerative way to cover those needs:

* Self hosted: Having our services and data in our own servers prevents big companies from accessing our information and doing big data analysis with it. We also can select the location of our servers and how they are powered (strive for clean energy.).
* Free Open Source Software (FOSS): Using FOSS gives everyone more freedom in in using, studying, sharing and modifying that software. That leads to a potentially more secure, stable and cheaper software. It also moves from a competitive scenario towards a more solidary and collaborative approach.

The tools in our Toolbox

Is all of this for free?

GEN Europe has curated this list of open source software after an extensive research, taking into account our Network needs. We have deployed the selected services into our servers. We have configured and customized them for our members’ needs. We’ve taken the time to create an extensive documentation and keep on troubleshooting bugs and errors, contributing to make these pieces of Software better for the whole world.

In order to be able to cover our costs and keep maintaining and improving the Toolbox, while adding potential new features, we’re asking for what we consider a fair contribution from our members in form of a donation.

How ethical and regenerative are we online?

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