Volunteer Opportunities in Germany Communities

Volunteer Opportunity in Schloss Blumenthal

They are still happy to receive application even though it was supposed to have started already. Apply here: https://forms.gle/kYaTQEyAdrP7x2Jr9

Volunteer Opportunity in Sieben Linden.

Apply here:
Questions? Please contact Lorena their volunteer coordinator for ESC: lorena.castro@sige.siebenlinden.org

Volunteer Opportunity in the Lebensbogen Community

If you are interested in applying, please fill in the online survey:
Questions? Please contact Jennifer Loll, their volunteer coordinator for ESC:

Volunteer Opportunity in the Sonnenwald Community

To apply for the volunteer service please sent them an e-mail with your expectations, experiences and wishes to esc@gemeinschaft-sonnenwald.de
Questions? Please contact Gabriele Gack-Thomas, their esc-coordinator and mentor: esc@gemeinschaft-sonnenwald.de

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