Become an individual member of GEN Europe!

You don’t have to live in an ecovillage to get close to the communities of Europe!

Join as an individual and get inspiration and support on your own regenerative journey. As an individual member, you’ll become part of our movement of regenerative communities and our annual European Ecovillage Gathering.

Why become an individual member?

As an individual member of GEN Europe, you offer vital support to our work – and receive special benefits to help you on your regenerative journey in return. You’re helping new and existing regenerative settlements to thrive, as well as opening up the world of community living to people for the very first time via the information, events and support we provide.

Individual members receive…


Exclusive monthly Newsletter & Telegram Broadcast Channel


Learn more about your National Network and and their networking opportunities


Access to GEN Europe’s member area, showcasing all your benefits and dozens of hours of trainings, talks and workshops plus new event recordings.


Access to the annual Ecovillage Gathering & exclusive Gathering Telegram Group

All individual members can choose to purchase a ticket for our Annual Ecovillage Gathering as part of the membership registration form. The individual membership will be auto-renewed annually 12 months after purchase, but can be cancelled at any time.
Both the Gathering Ticket and meals and accommodation are subject to a refund policy and are excluded from automatic membership renewal.

Membership Pricing

Eastern european


To facilitate access for members from Eastern Europe, we offer them a reduced price.



We celebrate the next generation of ecovillagers!
18-30 year-olds join us for a reduced price and can automatically become part of NextGEN, the youth branch of the European Ecovillage Network that connects young people with ecovillage solutions, education, projects, and regenerative living practices.



Your support helps GEN Europe spread ecovillage culture, support new communities, and extend access to community living. Thank you!