ReGEN4All: Project results are here!

As the project ReGEN4All came to its end, it was time to celebrate the achievements and share the abundance we co-created with our project partners. Have a glimpse into the project’s purpose, project results and created alliances!

The purpose of the ReGEN4All project was to serve researchers, practitioners, and adult educators from ecovillages and academia as well as policymakers on all levels. ReGEN4All aimed to make the knowledge gained within and through ecovillages more accessible both for academic research and to help inform policy decisions on sustainable lifestyle and regenerative practices. The Regen4All was a small-scale partnership, funded by the E+ program, and came to its end this spring. With its finalisation, we are happy to be able to share with you the outcomes of the project.

The colloquium series is available through the project’s website.

The Ecommunity Library, curates a database as a comprehensive library, focusing on ecovillages and related subjects. The library is available to the general public and has free access. The objective is to illuminate and facilitate access to knowledge concerning ecovillages and research conducted in this domain. The open-source software Zotero is used to organize all the material. It fosters a collaborative environment for generating and disseminating materials and insights, enabling research to be found, known and used.

This Code of Conduct (CoC) is designed to facilitate ethical, respectful, and mutually beneficial collaboration between researchers and ecovillagers/community members. Even though the term ecovillage is used, the CoC is equally suited for other living communities, like cohousing or other community-led initiatives like urban gardening or transition (town) projects.

  • International Community of Practice: The International Community of Practice is organised by the Global Ecovillage Network Research Group.
  • European Community of Practice: The European Community of Practice is organised by ECOLISE. It contributes mostly to collaborations of ecovillagers with ongoing work around Policy and Advocacy.
  • Danish Community of Practice: The Danish COP brings together researchers and practitioners, for meetings, events and collaboration. Researchers can communicate about their projects and results; practitioners can share their needs, resources and interests. Together we can make research more relevant and needs-driven.
  • Iberian Community of Action-Research Practice: The CoP Iberian Community of Action-Research Practice aims to bring together those experienced in community living and regenerative practices (ecovillages, ecofarms, permaculture training projects, off-grid and family projects, and also all kinds of CLIs focused on social solidarity economy and regenerative goals) at the Iberian level.
  • German Community of Practice: The German Community of Practice is in development. At the German Ecovillage Gathering in Autumn 2023 in Lebensgarten Steyerberg, the German group met for the first time in presence. During the gathering, a lot of interested people came together to talk about the need of research in and about ecovillages, collected ideas about research questions and exchanged their experiences. More meetings will be held within that group and beyond. On the German Ecovillage Gathering 2024, the group will move on and is open for any researcher and interested person to join. If you are interested, you may contact:

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