Empowering Sustainability: YTS Gathering in La Borie Noble 

Close to Montpellier, in France, in La Borie Noble, within the serene embrace of the Arch community, 21 passionate individuals from across Europe gathered for a six-day meeting under the banner of Yes to Sustainability (YTS). This meeting served as a pivotal moment for the YTS project, providing a platform for participants to connect, share experiences, and collaboratively structure the network for a sustainable future.

The YTS initiative, driven by its commitment to fostering sustainability, brought together a diverse group of individuals with varied backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. The six-day event was a convergence of minds dedicated to weaving a web of sustainable practices that transcends geographical boundaries.

The picturesque setting of La Borie Noble, surrounded by inspriring forests and harmonious natural landscapes, provided an ideal setting for this gathering. Participants not only engaged in intensive discussions and workshops but also found inspiration in the beauty of their surroundings. The serene environment served as a fertilizer for creative thinking and innovative ideas to blossom.

The heart of the meeting was a series of structured sessions where participants shared their experiences, challenges and knowledges…a cross-pollination of ideas, giving a sense of unity and shared purpose among the attendees.

Beyond the formal sessions, the YTS gathering embraced the importance of holistic well-being. Participants took breaks to enjoy leisurely walks in the forest, feeling a deep connection with nature, helping  to slowdown, as Lanza del Vasto (founder of the Arch) was recommanding. These moments of respite not only rejuvenated the mind but also provided an opportunity for informal discussions and the building of personal connections.

In the spirit of community, participants engaged in various activities designed to strengthen bonds and enhance teamwork. Shared meals, games, and communal activities created a sense of bounding that extended beyond the formal meeting agenda. These shared moments of joy and connection reinforced the idea that sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life that involves building meaningful relationships and a sense of community.

As the six days meeting came to an end, the connections forged during this meeting laid the foundation for future collaborations and initiatives, ensuring that the spirit of Yes to Sustainability continues to thrive and inspire positive change across Europe.

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Written by Ciska van Stuijvenberg 

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