Community: the ecovillage podcast

Community is the GEN Europe podcast! It’s an exploration of the biggest questions and most inspiring stories of ecovillages and their inhabitants. It’s about what makes us stronger, more resilient, more hopeful, together. It’s about the people and places that are regenerating our planet, and the tools and strategies you can use to do the same, wherever your are.

From love and money to identity and the life-changing journeys some people have made to live in harmony with the earth, you’ll find it all on Community.

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Episode 12: Coming back to the power of life – the politics and spirituality of peacework with Sabine Lichtenfels

On today’s episode, we speak to Sabine Lichtenfels: activist, peaceworker, theologian, and co-founder of Tamera Ecovillage. We discuss Sabine’s journey into community, the politics and spirituality of peacework, the meaning of Tamera’s stone circle, and how to maintain hopeful in times of war: by “coming back to the power of life”. To learn more and…

Episode 11: Building Community That Lasts with Les Pas-Sages

How do you build a community that lasts 100 years? Les Pas-Sages wants to help community groups do just that, by demystifying complex concepts and providing clear and simple explanations of the legal, financial, and most importantly human mechanisms involved in setting up and maintaining housing cooperatives and other communities. In this episode, we talk…

Voices of the Ecovillage Gathering: Camilla Nielsen-Englyst, Danish Ecovillage Network

Why are there so many ecovillages in Denmark? How has the country ‘mainstreamed’ ecovillages? And what made hosting this summer’s ecovillage gathering there so special? Ecovillage veteran Steffen Emrich introduces a special series of interviews from the European Ecovillage Gathering. In this episode he’s in conversation with Camilla Neilsen-Englyst, powerhouse of the Danish Ecovillage Network,…

Finding meaning in a time of endings: Dougald Hine at the European Ecovillage Gathering

in this episode we explore some of the main themes of this summer’s European Ecovillage Gathering, and share writer and storyteller Dougald Hine’s moving keynote speech on the work worth doing when it feels like all is lost.

Episode 10: Voices from Ukraine with Maksym Zalevski and Steffen Emrich

Today on Community we’re rebroadcasting an episode of GEN EU board member and veteran ecovillager Steffen Emrich’s podcast, All About Community. Steffen has been closely involved in the ecovillage response to war in Ukraine, and in this episode he speaks to GEN Ukraine president Maksym Zalevski about how Ukraine’s ecovillagers are facing the current crisis….

Episode 9: Crowdfunding Community with Mas del Potro

Can you crowdfund a community? It’s one option many people have tried, with wildly differing results. On today’s episode we talk to someone who made it work: Roger Jove, co-founder of Mas del Potro, a young eco-social project in south-eastern Spain. He talks us through his journey from dream to reality, and why and how…