Networking Opportunities

The original purpose of GEN Europe was to connect communities to one another: to share experiences, ideas and stories among a group of peers who would understand what it meant to live, work, play, love, solve conflict, cook, and build in community. Almost three decades on, we stay true to our origins, and continue to offer our members spaces to network and create together.

Our members organise exchanges between their ecovillages, offer solidarity in times of need, share skills, and build lifelong friendships through their participation in GEN Europe. Networking is at the heart of what we do – and your community is invited to be part of it.

National Networks meeting

The National Networks meeting, organised by members of the National Networks working group, is where representatives of national ecovillage networks gather to connect, strategise and create new projects together. Held each January in a member ecovillage, this meeting is a moment for all those network members passionate about building bridges of solidarity and skill-sharing with like-minded ecovillagers.

General Assembly

Every summer, just before the European Ecovillage Gathering kicks off, the whole membership is invited to come together at the General Assembly. It’s a time for the Secretariat to report back to the members on its activities in service of the network over the year; for members to vote on proposals and approve new additions to the membership; and above all for friendships and projects to be created and nurtured. It goes without saying that community is at the hearts of what we do, and the General Assembly is the moment when we have the chance to connect more deeply as an international community and strengthen our bonds. It’s undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year!

“Every time we meet, we create new projects and new ideas emerge. It feels powerful to be part of this network”

– Steffen, Germany