Researchers consider ecovillages as survival units on future imaginaries of collapse

The two researchers Lara Monticelli and Linea Munk Petersen were writing two new pieces of academic (creative) writing on collapse and ecovillages and it has recently been published in the journal Ephemera.

This series of notes intertwine academic insights with elements of pop culture, contemporary art, diary entries, and sci-fi imaginaries, they offer a thought-provoking exploration of future imaginaries, collapse, and exit strategies. The first part critically examines how sci-fi aestheticism influences our perception of the future, discussing the dichotomy between dystopian visions and nature-technology relationships in popular media. It questions whether these portrayals limit our ability to envision sustainable futures. The second part shifts focus to ecovillages as potential survival units amidst environmental crises, offering an in-depth analysis of ecovillages’ roles in fostering sustainable living and community resilience. The notes address the critique of escapism and explore the concept of ‘resistant exit,’ highlighting ecovillages not as mere refuges but as active agents in shaping sustainable futures. This compilation serves as an essential read for the ecovillage network, presenting ecovillages as laboratories for sustainability and social change, and emphasizing their significance in envisioning and actualizing resilient, community-focused responses to global challenges.

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