Capacity building for ecovillages

GEN Europe and its members provide support to new and existing ecovillages to build skills that create more resilient communities. Our capacity building programme, co-created with our members, offers trainings in a range of competencies such as sociocracy, graphic facilitation, and project creation. These trainings are made possible by funding from the Erasmus+ scheme.

Member ecovillages can contact us to learn more about how to benefit from the programme. Not a member yet? Join us.


Sociocracy is a tool for governance and decision-making that has become increasingly popular due to its efficient, inclusive methodology. Many ecovillages, cooperatives other intentional communities are now using sociocracy to organise their work and decisions. Our capacity building programme offers trainings in sociocracy to support ecovillages as they adopt the method.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation can be a fantastic tool to help groups capture complex concepts and support meetings and decision-making. By developing participants’ capacity to develop a visual language, the graphic facilitation training empowers them to incorporate this dynamic practice into their community meetings and trainings.

Project Writing

Writing projects can be a vital tool for bringing resources into communities – but it can seem overwhelming for those who have never tried it before. Our project writing trainings offer the expertise of the experienced project writers in our network, as well as opportunities to network with potential project partners.

“GEN Europe’s capacity building programme has built valuable skills in our community”

Camilla, Denmark