Ecovillage Networks

GEN Europe is made up of ecovillages, and networks of ecovillages. These ecovillage networks play a vital role in bringing together ecovillagers and other regenerative actors together on a national or regional level, advocating for community-led initiatives within a country or region, and running events and gatherings for those who share a language, cultural or geographic affinity.

What is an ecovillage network?

An ecovillage network is an organization that groups and supports ecovillages and sustainable communities located within a country or region.
Networks normally start informally as webs of interpersonal connections, and later develop into more formalized organisations. This allows the engaged people to connect, apply for grants, run projects and have a secretariat with staff – a team that can work together for the cause of bringing ecovillagers and ecovillage enthusiasts together.

Why networks?

The networks are developed to promote and support the development of sustainable living practices and to foster a sense of community among those committed to living in an regenerative and collaborative way. They are the platform for events such as national gatherings, exchange of wisdom and support, promotion of the ecovillage concept as a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.

What can you find here?

  • GEN Europe’s member map with information about national and transnational GEN networks within Europe.
  • Inspiring videos about some of our member networks
  • a Manual and a Learning platform to help you launch a network in your region and boost it when it is struggling
  • the IT toolbox to be in touch with your network across physical distance, and do much more

All the content of this section was created through the Erasmus+ project “Launch and Thrive”.