Ecovillage and Network Map

Looking to start your ecovillage journey? The GEN Europe ecovillage map is your place to start.

Use this map to explore the ecovillages, ecoprojects and networks of Europe and begin your own regenerative journey.

Would you also like to see your ecoproject, ecovillage or network on the Map? Become a member today and you will be added!

Ecovillage Map

  • Full member Ecovillages
  • Aspiring member Ecovillages
  • Ecoprojects
  • Full member National Networks
  • Aspiring member National Networks
  • Full member Transnational Networks
  • Aspiring member Transnational Networks
  • Members of member Networks

Who Are Our Members?

GEN Europe’s network is diverse and varied, consisting of:

  1. Ecovillages: These intentional, traditional, or urban communities are the heart of our network. Designed through participatory processes, they focus on regenerating social and natural environments across four key areas: social, culture, ecology, and economy.
  2. Ecoprojects: These are initiatives that support the growth of our movement, focusing on promotion, education, and specific aspects of the ecovillage lifestyle. They include urban and cohousing communities living in harmony but may not fully meet the ecovillage criteria.
  3. Networks: Spanning national and transnational scopes, these networks can either be country-specific or encompass bioregions, fostering a culturally similar community ethos.

Membership: Aspiring to Full

Our members are at different stages of their journey:

  • Aspiring Ecovillage Members: These are communities of at least five non-family related adults, living together with the intention of achieving full membership within five years. If this goal isn’t met, they evolve into ecoprojects.
  • Full Ecovillage Members: Established communities with a minimum of ten members, including seven permanent, non-family related adults, residing together for at least two years.
  • Network Members: Full network members must have at least three established GEN Europe ecoprojects and/or ecovillages associated. Those meeting the criteria, but entering their first year of membership are classified as aspiring network members before they eventually become full network members the year after.

Our Future Vision

Looking ahead, we aim to integrate our member networks’ ecovillages into our map, providing an even more comprehensive view of our community’s footprint. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering connections and visibility within our movement.

Join Us in Regeneration

Whether you’re seeking a sustainable living community, interested in the principles of ecological regeneration, or simply exploring, our map is your starting point. Your regenerative journey begins here!