Loomio is a discussion and decision making tool for collaborative organizations.

It enables you to bring people together to discuss topics, explore proposals and make decisions.

Loomio is a discussion forum with a set of proposal and poll templates to help you facilitate a discussion towards an outcome.

The biggest added value for GEN Europe is that it has templates to make consent-based decisions (Sociocracy).

Since 2023, GEN Europe has deployed its own instance of Loomio. It has been adopted by staff and council and some working groups and projects.

Now we’re also offering Loomio for our member networks and ecovillages.

Some features

  • Async decision making tool online
  • Allows for different groups and subgroups
  • Conversations can happen and are recorded in threads before a decision takes place
  • Multiple templates for different decision making systems
  • Import and export data
  • Streamline decision processes
  • Improve transparency and accountability

You can click the buttons below to get more information about our costs and recommended donation details in case you are interested in using it, as well as checking our comprehensive documentation and contacting us.