Discourse is probably the best community and forum software. It allows for self-hosting, a great deal of customization, multifaceted Communication (images, videos, emojis, …) and a layered moderation for different categories and communities.

Since 2020, GEN Europe has deployed its own instance of Discourse. It has been adopted by staff and council and some working groups and projects.

Now we’re also offering Discourse for our member networks and ecovillages.

Some features

  • Conversations, not pages
  • Chat in real time
  • Empowering possibilities with AI
  • Custom sidebar and deliberately chosen user preferences
  • Simple, but with context. Auto summary feature
  • Born mobile, born to touch
  • Community moderation

You can click the buttons below to get more information about our costs and recommended donation details in case you are interested in using it, as well as checking our comprehensive documentation and contacting us.