Hello, my name is Nataša!

Nataša is a passionate and experienced event coordinator with a heart for caring about people, the planet and sustainable living. With ten years in event coordination, project management, and community building, she is thrilled to take on the role of Event Coordinator at GEN Europe alongside with Aurelie Neuman.

Nataša’s journey began at the “Goulash Disko” international music festival on an Island, where her love for music and nature blossomed into a core team role after which they developed a Green Island Festival dedicated to educational activities for youth and adults on the topics of ecology and sustainable development. Her knack for bringing people together, taking care of their well-being and fostering a positive environment made every event she was involved in special.

Active in local eco-friendly projects and GEN trainings such as CLIPS community building training, she knew that one of her purposes mission in this life is to create a greener, healthier and happier world. She’s excited to bring her positive authentic self with her organizational skills, creative touch and warm heart to GEN Europe, ready to make every next gathering a memorable and impactful experience for all.

She is based in a small village in Serbia called Slavkovica, where her dream is to develop an eco-conscious community, to spread the GEN network in the Balkans, to educate and involve locals and children in a sustainable lifestyle.

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