Meet the Ecovillages this Spring!

As winter turns to spring in the Northern hemisphere, many of us begin to think longingly of adventures and excursions: eyeing up maps, planning out road trips and hikes…

Sadly, for many of us it’s still just in our daydreams: Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions means we are confined closer to home. But that doesn’t mean we can’t explore: this spring, we’re inviting you on a virtual journey to visit some of the inspiring communities that are regenerating their regions and creating socially, economically, culturally and ecologically resilient alternatives. There’ll be stories, questions and plenty of answers about what it takes to create and live in an ecovillage.

Our first tour finds us landing in the Iberian Peninsula, first stop: southernmost Spain. From living and learning centre El Molino de Guadalmesi, Riccardo will lead us to Seville and Los Portales, where the spiritual wisdom of dreams combines with the practical aspects of off-grid rural living. Then we’ll head north all the way to the pre-Pyrenees of Navarra and Arterra Bizimodu, a young and thriving community founded in an abandoned boarding school-turned-hotel.

Each session will be a 1h30 deep dive into a community, with storytelling from the ecovillagers and and plenty of time for questions and conversation.

Your contribution will raise funds for the ecovillage to help support them through these challenging times when many community enterprises are struggling due to ongoing lockdown restrictions. To find out more and get tickets, visit the event page here.

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