GEN Europe is hiring!

We are happy to announce that GEN Europe is looking for a Gathering Coordinator to join our small and friendly team. We are seeking someone who is full of ideas about how to coordinate and hold the European Ecovillage Gathering 2022 while working with transparency, excellent organisation skills, and enthusiasm for the event and the movement.

The European Ecovillage Gathering is the annual convergence of the European Ecovillage Network and the dynamic expression of a movement: of the thousands of people across Europe and the globe engaging in local, community-led solutions to our greatest challenges. Our last event before Covid – in Comune di Bagnaia, Italy – attracted around 600 committed co-creators, activists, ecovillagers, explorers, and leaders from all walks of life. In 2022 we hope to attract 800 people to come together, learn, celebrate and co-create bottom-up, community-led solutions that address the great challenges of our time. In 2022, our host is Nature Community, Germany. Photos of previous events can be found here.

For full details and application process, find the role description here.

We are also hiring for a Project Coordinator for our upcoming Ecovillage Youth Exchanges programme, starting January 2022. This is an exchange project for young adults involved in the ecovillage movements in Africa and Europe, where we explore steps towards healing and reconciliation between and within the two continents. We focus on empowerment of youth through skill-building and exchange of knowledge around ecological living, education and project development, working towards a regenerative and community-oriented future. FInd more details here.

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