Ecovillage Resilience +2.5°

Project Update Autumn 2023

The Resilience 2,5º project continues its fruitful path towards its completion. This past week, all participating ecovillages, including our members Ecodorp Bökel, Findhorn, Keuruu, Damanhur and Sieben Linden have dived deep into the so-called “Resilience attributes”. These refer to the features of a system that contribute to its general resilience and capacity to respond to a range of possible disturbances, stresses and shocks. Resilience attributes include concepts such as diversity (e.g., habitat diversity, cultural diversity, livelihood diversity) as well as inclusivity & equity, which can be less straight-forward to assess but relate to opportunities for participation, trust, and sharing resources.

During last week’s session we explored the attributes of 1) Diversity, 2) Redundancy, 3) Connectivity & modularity, 4) System feedbacks, 5) Inclusivity & equity, 6) Adaptive learning and we reflected about how attuned our ecovillages are with regards to them, with the ultimate purpose of monitoring the resilience within communities.

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Some references: This research article describes the different factors that have contributed to the resilience of Auroville, India

Resilience Attributes blog post from Global Resilience Program:

Resilience Attributes video on youtube:

Text by Angel Matilla

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