GEN Europe launches web service for members

Being a member of GEN Europe is first and foremost about connection: meeting and learning from other communities facing the same challenges, learning from their innovations and sharing in their success. Friendships are forged and projects and collaborations are developed across borders.

But as an organisation we also want to give back to our network, our members, identifying ecovillage needs and creating solutions that can be shared and adapted to meet them. And today we’re excited to announce a new benefit for GEN Europe member ecovillages: a personalized Ecovillage Website setup service just for members.

While some ecovillages and national networks have their own website and team dedicated to maintaining it, many others struggle to find the time to keep theirs updated, functional, and attractive – or even to host and design a website at all. We know it can be a struggle when there’s work to be done on the farm or running courses, and that contracting a web designer can be prohibitively expensive, so based on feedback from the network, we’re launching a service that will help members generate a powerful online presence with ease.

The GEN EU team have collaborated with GEN International to create a WordPress theme and offer various packages, from hosting and basic setup right through custom design, that will enable communities and national networks to run a professional, easy-to-use website that communicates everything they want to with the wider world.

We’ve already started working with several members to create their websites – to see all the details of the service and see examples in action, visit the web service page on our website. 

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