IT for the Transition: Ecovillage IT Toolbox

Introducing…The Ecovillage IT Toolbox!

Ecovillages and information technology: two concepts that to the uninitiated might seem like an unnatural fit.

But we believe that when used in service of community values, IT is essential in accelerating the transition to a regenerative world through infinite possibilities of improving collaboration, information sharing, facilitating meaningful connections across distances, and so much more.

Thanks to the dedicated work of our IT team we are rolling out ever more IT tools that help us stay connected – while staying in control of our data. We now offer a website setup service, project management and communication tools, a forum and much more, all self-hosted and open source, in service of helping ecovillages to share wisdom and co-create more effectively.

Self-sufficiency is about much more than food production, and connectivity matters when you’re part of a decentralised network. We’re always looking for ways to help our members collaborate at a distance, and when we host our own IT tools and use open-source software – just like when we grow our own food – we are less reliant on big companies, building resilience and capacity in our communities and networks.

Find out more about our IT Toolbox and how it can serve communities on the Toolbox page.

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