“The most transformative experience of my life”

The Ecovillage Design Education course – EDE – at Schloss Glarisegg in Switzerland has gained a reputation over the years as one of the most exiting and enriching programmes out there. Cohort after cohort of graduates of this intensive, five-week co-living and co-learning adventure, certified by Gaia Education, go out into the world inspired and prepared to do the work of supporting the transition to a new culture. Recently, a graduate reached out to us to share how the EDE had been “the most transformative experience” of his life – and we wanted to hear all about it. Read Stephen’s story below, and if you feel inspired, learn more and apply to be part of the 2022 cohort here!

Stephen at Schloss Glarisegg

“Participating in the EDE was one the most transformative experience of my life which happened just at the right time in the right place – divine timing. Beyond the valuable content of this one full month immersion of Ecovillage Design Education course I saw myself expand and blossom like a powerful tree.

The dimension that impacted me the most was the relationships we cultivated and grow into within the sacred space of our group. It showed me how that one thing our world needs the most is reconnection between one and other. I learned from the EDE to be true to myself and with others. To show up and be there. Always supporting others and being supported along the process. Indeed, relationships where at the center of the overall experience as the main theme of our EDE was intimacy with nature and, I would add, our own Nature. We created a magnificent ritual of reconnection between humans and nature spirits (some of us were wearing self made masks) that you don’t want to miss once it is shared. 

I realised during the EDE that truth in my relationships is a value that I hold dear in my heart and a foundation that is important for me. I learned to speak up and stand up for truth and what matters to me and speak up honestly what was moving in me especially when it was difficult to express it. Feeling safe, loved and supported helped me a lot in order to do that . I know now how to live my life from this place of truth and wish to bring this wisdom in all my relationships. 

I learned to stand up for what I believe and the world I want to live in, inspired with courage and joy to venture even more into the unknown, at the Edge between chaos and order where human potential thrives, going  beyond the fears that held me back in the past to become a source of positive change in the world. I realised how much a constructive environment could bring forward inherent gifts and abilities, therefore I felt seen, welcomed and appreciated, discovering meaning and a whole tribe of brothers and sisters sharing the same visions a transformative and regenerative world with the same level of dedication towards it. 

Who are you? Have you connected with this spark of life within you? Have you felt and experienced this inner calling from the collective dreams that are wishing to be manifested? We are a lot involving ourselves in this deep work already, you are not alone and the world need us to do this work, it needs you. “

  • Stephen

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