Celebrating two new ecovillage networks and the WESEEN project!

National and regional ecovillage networks play a vital role in spreading thriving community culture – forging connections between existing projects and supporting new ones based on shared cultures and languages. We’re celebrating the finalising of the WESEEN project, that has supported the creation of two new networks – Western Europe (WE) which links the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and South East Europe (SEEN) connecting Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

In the final evaluation meeting, 15 representatives of 7 partner organisations met in Ecodorp Zuiderveld (with their ducks!) in the Netherlands to celebrate a job well done. Both networks are now represented with regional websites displaying searchable maps of local sustainability initiatives, and the networks will be creating new projects to bring ecovillage training, youth exchanges and volunteering opportunities to the regions. Besides these very practical results of the partnership, new personal connections were established, that will last beyond the project’s lifetime – which is what strong networking is all about!

To learn more about WE visit https://weeen.eu/ and SEEN at https://seeen.eu/

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