Report from the Spring Staff & Council Meeting in Arterra!

GEN-Europe recently wrapped up its biannual in-person Staff and Council Meeting, which took place from April 2nd to 7th, 2024, in the beautiful surroundings of Arterra Bizimodu, Spain. This gathering wasn’t just about business; it was also a chance for our team to come together, share ideas, and strengthen our bonds in person with the new volunteers and team member Maja —always a rare and precious opportunity.

The agenda was packed with important discussions. We delved into topics like ensuring the financial sustainability of our organization and exploring innovative ways to generate income streams. We also took a deep dive into our policies, looking into every detail to ensure they align with our mission and values. Plus, we took stock of all the changes that have taken place since our last meeting in November, reflecting on our progress and identifying areas for improvement.

During the meeting, we received updates on various IT-related tasks from Angel. From completing outputs for Launch & Thrive to launching our brand-new website and making strides on the Regen4all platform, there was plenty to celebrate. Armin shared insights into our financial position, highlighting the positive changes and since our last gathering in Tempelhof back in November. And Dario got us all excited about upcoming projects like ECOPRISE and COM4LGD, showcasing the innovative work that lies ahead, while giving us a deep-dive into EC2 which is currently coming to its completion. Dicte reassured us that the Gathering is well on its way and about to become the biggest Gathering ever and Maja also had some good news to share, celebrating the successful launch of our new website, her new and innovative outreach ideas and her collaborations with Caro on the new membership scheme.

But it wasn’t all presentations and updates. We rolled up our sleeves and formed working groups to tackle various challenges head-on. From building post-collapse resilience for our members, to reviewing policies, forging partnerships, and driving education initiatives. Together, we brainstormed ideas on how to create new revenue streams, engage and attract new members, and enhance our communication strategies. We also dove into discussions on staff hours allocation, project management practices, and financial planning to ensure the sustainability of our efforts.

As we wrapped up the meeting, we didn’t just say goodbye; we set our sights on the future. Plans were put in motion for upcoming activities, including policy development and preparations for the eagerly anticipated General Assembly in August. This meeting was more than just a gathering; it was a valuable opportunity for collaboration, reflection, and strategic planning. And it ensures that GEN Europe is well-equipped to continue fulfilling its mission and serving its members effectively in the years to come.

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