Communities aligned with their dreams

Tools for ecovillage creation at the CLIPS incubator training

We need a future when we don’t have to imagine. We just open our eyes.

Los Portales community close to Sevilla shows an example of a present worthy of being a common future. No, the modest houses and the arid land around Sevilla are no heaven on earth. It’s the community of wholehearted people that makes the place so special.

The partners of Community Incubator programme, CLIPS, had their regular transnational meeting in the best possible environment. To realise the dream of a connected, just, clean and healthy world we need good role models. We need people with eyes wide open because they know their dreams.

In Los Portales we’ve been reminded of the power of alliance with our dreams, both in literal and figurative sense, both individually and collectively. We’ve connected with the purpose of the Community Incubator as it was laid out in Los Portales five years ago. And we’ve done a lot of progress in clarifying together the intellectual outputs and project framework.

The progress so far feels like a chain reaction: the better we define the community incubation process the better it defines us. In every creation mutuality is unavoidable–to create something you have to be prepared for it to create you back. The members of Los Portales have imbued their home and nature with grace and that’s what they’re receiving in return. We, designers of CLIPS, feel grateful to have some of that grace rub off onto us.

When the world is heading towards a catastrophe, “chain reaction” raises mostly negative associations of global warming, deepening ecological, economic and political instability. In reversing this trend, pockets of positive chain reactions are indispensable.

In CLIPS we believe we can’t go on closing our eyes and imagining a future we want to live, while knowing nothing better than the civilization heading towards disaster. We think we need to immerse many new people in the experience of graceful community and help them to allow healthy community culture in their everyday lives.

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