Presenting the Resilience & Regeneration Series

For community-seekers and communities new and old; for those curious about exploring regeneration of ourselves and our world; for dreamers and visionaries and hands-on creators and crafters… We’re excited to present a brand new offering to support community creation and inner and outer transformation. While changing travel regulations and public health guidelines still make it difficult for us to gather, we continue to offer spaces for all those curious about ecovillages to connect across borders, and the Resilience & Regeneration Series is that, and so much more…

We invite you to join us throughout 2021 for a 4-part series of experiential  workshops, new connections, and playful creative explorations designed to build individual and collective skills and resilience, spark transition amongst an interconnected global network of seekers, and regenerate our innate potential to achieve meaningful  change in today’s disorientating world.  We’ve designed a series of four events covering ecovillage incubation, crafting, economics and self-care that will bring you closer to community in all its forms.

We’re especially seeking to connect with newly-forming community projects to get involved in our first event Cultivating Community: From I to Wean event designed with new communities in mind!

Tickets for our first events are on sale now: see the dates below visit the series website at to learn more and book your place!

Cultivating Community: From I to We – August 28 – 29

Crafting in Community: Reviving Tradition and Practice – Introduction September 25 – 26, Workshops October 4 – 17

Ecovillage Economics: Abundance in Community – November 13 – 14

Radical Self-Care, Slowness and Pleasure in Community – December 4 – 5

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