An update on the European Ecovillage Gathering

A word from the organising team of the European Ecovillage Gathering 2021

The 2019 Gathering, in simpler times

Dear friends, 

Despite the unfolding pandemic, we remained optimistic dreaming that once again we would meet, hug, celebrate and sense each other at our European Ecovillage Gathering this summer. We perceive our growing collective longing to reconnect as family in a physical space and have been doing our best to meet this need. 

Nevertheless, with time slipping away the pressure to start necessary preparations for our Gathering in Nature Community was weighing heavy on us, and we felt the need to once again evaluate our options. Through careful observation of the current travel restrictions, regulatory uncertainty and other Covid-related concerns, the GEN Europe Council has taken the challenging decision to again cancel the European Ecovillage Gathering 2021.

It is with a heavy heart that we make a second cancellation, as we all desire to meet in-person again. Simultaneously, we feel certain that this is a necessary decision to keep everyone safe and to safeguard the stability of GEN Europe as an organisation that can continue in the long-term to serve ecovillage members and raise awareness of sustainable lifestyles.

Some of you generously supported GEN Europe after the cancellation of last year’s Gathering by becoming ‘pay-it-forward’ supporters and transferred your ticket payments to reserve 2021 Gathering places. We deeply appreciate your kind support and will now contact you separately in the coming days to offer options. 

We will now start to bring together our reflections, ideas and dreams of what alternatives  we can bring you this year that both fulfill our members’ needs and continue to engage seekers into the world of intentional community living. One thing is sure – we may allow ourselves to relax into excited anticipation for what comes next.  We will update you with our new plans soon.

For now, you can experience more of the ecovillage world by joining our newest event ‘Meet the Ecovillages’, where you can get a real-life glimpse of Iberian communities. 

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