Complete the Energy Citizenship survey and win energy infrastructure for your community!

We’re offering an opportunity for our members to have a say in shaping EU energy policy – and to win energy infrastructure for their communities.

How is GEN Europe supporting the energy transition? And how can our members benefit from our action?

The Energy Citizenship Survey, developed as part of our EC² project, is a tool to gauge the level of citizen awareness and participation in energy issues within their personal lives and communities. We know that ecovillages are often extremely well-equipped to consciously use energy resources. We intend to find out how attitudes and usage of energy in ecovillages and intentional communities differ to other forms of human settlement such as towns and cities. We are opening the survey to a cohort of ecovillages to gauge how these unique communities live their lives and use energy, and would love to receive input from GEN Europe members!

By taking 20 minutes to complete the survey, your actions and responses can help support the future of the EU’s energy policy development – and your community will have the chance to win €600 of energy infrastructure! You can find out more in the infosheet, and complete the survey – available in English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish – here.

We will be holding a 30 minute online information session about the EC² project, highlighting how GEN Europe members can participate in and benefit from the project. We will also complete the survey during the meeting. Join us on 8th August at 17:00 on this Zoom link!

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