Creating connection: ecovillage network exchange begins

Toni Mallach & Aleksandra Jaszczyk from the Baltic Ecovillage Network share their experiences exchanging with GEN EU and the Iberian Ecovillage Network

Aleksandra and Toni from BEN with Angel from GEN Europe and Alejandra from RIE

As part of the ERASMUS+ funded project Launch & Thrive, the involved partners are carrying out an exchange program. The main purpose is to acknowledge the skills and experiences of network building from two project partners: the Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN) and GEN Europe in Spain. 

Aleksandra and Toni, the representatives from the Northern regions are being hosted by the ecovillage Arterra Bizimodu for a month. They are working in the GEN Europe office, getting to know the Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas RIE (the Ecovillage Network of Spain and Portugal) and the Spanish-international culture of the organization and thus creating stronger bonds between the networks.

Yesterday, together with the Spanish colleagues, they exchanged their computers for hiking boots and left the office to discover the local nature, Navarra’s landscape. It felt great to be outside during these first warm days of spring and to connect to the land that we are striving to preserve. Shared meals prepared in cooperation with the ecovillage community are also an opportunity to exchange stories and create stronger relationships.

Connections and exchanges – isn’t this what networks are all about?

Enjoying lunch in Arterra Bizimodu

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