Join the life-changing Ecovillage Design Education Course at Schloss Glarisegg

If you’re looking for a solid basis to start your journey into ecovillages in 2023 – or if you already have a dream project in mind that needs support and inspiration to take flight – the Ecovillage Design Education Course might be for you. The EDE at Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland has been running with great success for several years, creating a wide network of graduates who have started their own projects and supported one another long after the five-week course is finished. The 2023 course runs from January 13th to February 18th and you can register here.

This EDE is a practical community experience where you can find your peers and get the condensed wisdom of world-wide communities and pioneers in order to be part of creating a transformative culture. The EDE at Glarisegg is a yearly creation on the base of the Gaia Education curriculum: organisers invite external seminar leaders, game changers, networkers and community builders to join participants on the learning path. Workshops are held with non-formal, embodied, participatory models of education.

To learn more about the EDE at Glarisegg visit the website.

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