Call for ESC Volunteers Coordinators for the European Ecovillage Gathering 2024!

GEN Europe is currently looking for 2 coordinators who will lead our volunteer ‘Dream Team’, a 6-week short team ESC for the European Ecovillage Gathering in Sweden this Summer!

About the Role

In August 2024, Sweden will host the European Ecovillage Gathering organised by the GEN Europe at Ängsbacka. 25 volunteers from all over Europe will spent 6 weeks in Sweden to help with preparation of the Gathering, as well as to learn by doing things hands-on and gaining a rich experience in international event management and sustainable development, through the European Solidarity Corps programme.

Requirements and Profile

You are an enthusiastic and inspiring leader who has had experience managing a small team of young people working towards a common goal. You know how to organise and assign work activities and ensuring that things get done while maintaining a fun, energetic and positive environment. You thrive on bringing out the potential of the people you work with and accompanying them on their personal growth journeys through creative and dynamic facilitation. You are comfortable with high-stress environments and situations and channeling team dynamics towards creative energy. Ideally you would be familiar with the European Ecovillage Gathering and the GEN Europe Network.

Responsibilities and tasks

The Coordinators will be responsible for coordinating the activities of a team of 20-25 volunteers that will have as its ultimate goal the smooth and successful execution of the Gathering programme, as well as providing learning opportunities and supporting their learning process. 

These activities typically will consist of the following:

  • Select the ESC participants and being their main contact person.
  • Developing an activity plan and schedule for volunteers in collaboration with the Gathering Coordinator according to the Gathering preparation plan, including social activities and group cohesion elements.
  • Assist in promoting the Gathering by coordinating activities and events during the period before, during and after the start of the Gathering
  • Support the training and evaluation cycle of the volunteers 
  • Offering to the volunteers a well defined set of tasks, assuring that their ideas, creativity and experience are integrated.
  • Providing task related support, supervision and guidance for the identification and documentation of learning outcomes making use of the educational approach of Youthpass as a tool to help participants to become more aware of, reflect on and assess their learning process and outcomes
  • Coordinate with the Gathering  programme team to prepare, schedule and implement the program workshops and other activities (e.g.: prepare and execute an online viral promotional campaign using social media during the Gathering, prepare the site, organise and set up a technology exhibition, etc.)
  • Support the organisation of the opening/closing ceremonies
  • Ensure presentation and workshop rooms are equipped with what is needed


The ESC project will last a total of 6 weeks, before and after the European Ecovillage Gathering. The Gathering dates are 20-25th of August 2024. The exact dates will be determined together with the ESC coordinators. Preparations will start in March 2024 and evaluations completed in September.


The group of volunteers together with the coordinators will be hosted part-time in Ängsbacka, Sweden, where they will carry out the activities, and part time in another location in Sweden. The living conditions will be simple with the focus on low ecological footprint. You may expect shared rooms and common facilities, natural rural environment and diverse social activities together with the group. 


The roles will be on a short-term freelance basis with remuneration of 1500 EUR plus up to 200 EUR travel reimbursement. 

What is ESC?

ESC is the European Solidarity Corp is a program allowing young people to go abroad, learn and contribute to a better world with support from Erasmus+ funding. It provides an opportunity to join meaningful work and experiential learning while your food, accommodation, traveling, pocket money, insurance and mentorship are fully covered. 

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and motivational letter to no later than the 29th of February 2024.

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