Can you help GEN EU win €10,000 of funding…with just a click?

Together we are stronger… Photo: Ana Correia

In a time when there is so much need in the world, when our attention and resources are pulled in so many different directions, we know it can be hard to support all the causes that are dear to our hearts.

So we’re delighted to offer an opportunity for our supporters to help us receive thousands of euros of funding – at no cost to you.

We’re been nominated by a dear former board member and longtime friend of GEN to receive a donation of up to €10,000 from WBS Gruppe as part of their #WBSherzensprojekte – a project that highlights and funds the projects that are closest to the hearts of their colleagues.

If we’re in the Top 40 most-voted projects, we’ll receive a €5000 donation – and if we make the Top 3, we’ll receive €10,000! Voting is open until November 15, so please take a moment to vote today and share with your whole community!

Here’s how to vote:

☀️Go to “Verein finden”, search GEN Europe
☀️Click the “Info & Abstimmen” button
☀️Check “Hiermit bestätige ich die Teilnahmebedingungen” to confirm the regulations of the voting
☀️Write in your email address (we confirmed that this will not be used to spam you – it’s just to avoid double voting and keep it fair!) and click “abstimmen”
☀️You’ll receive an email to confirm your vote – just click on it and your vote counts.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a gathering, a webinar, a newsletter from GEN Europe, or ever wished that ecovillages and community living could be more accessible to the wider world…we warmly invite you to take this opportunity to support our core work with a moment of your time. It could help us accelerate our work on creating better digital tools for ecovillagers and ecovillage-seekers, implement more accessible education programmes, and much more!

Thank you so much for your help – it means the world!

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