The Meet the Ecovillages tour bus has parked somewhere sunny for the summer and Riccardo is relaxing in his hammock… Come back in autumn for the next stop!

We’re going on a journey, and you’re invited. Are you coming with us?

This spring, discover the ecovillages of Europe from your own home. Sit around the (virtual) campfire as community residents tell the stories, cultures and traditions of their homes, answer your questions about what it’s really like to live in community, and get inspired for your next adventure.

Your tour guide? None other than Riccardo Clemente: straight from Italy’s Valley of the Elves, eco-builder, musician, ecovillage expert, and famed cabaret artist at the European Ecovillage Gathering talent shows…Riccardo will bring his inimitable energy and humour to each visit.

Come aboard the ecovillage tour! Find inspiration in regenerative communities, connect with other ecovillage seekers, and Meet the Ecovillages this spring.

Next stop: The Italian Escape, June 1-22 2021

If you missed out on our last Meet the Ecovillage experience touring the communities of Spain, don’t be left behind this time: join us on a new adventure as we meet four Italian communities, from the enchanting valley of the Popolo degli Elfi, to Torri Superiore’s medieval heritage, stopping for a glass of organic Chianti in Bagnaia before a final stop in youthful and visionary Gaia Terra. Riccardo will guide us with wisdom and humour as we dive deep into the stories and personalities of each community, giving you the chance to learn and connect in a unique, intimate online experience.

Each session will be a 1h30 deep dive into a community, with storytelling from the ecovillagers and plenty of time for questions and conversation.

You can purchase individual visits, or a full package at a discounted rate. Your contribution will raise funds for the ecovillage to help support them through these challenging times when many community enterprises are struggling due to ongoing lockdown restrictions.

Our Itinerary

June 1st, 18:00-19:45 CET: Il Popolo delgi Elfi

June 8th, 18:00-19:45 CET: Torri Superiore

June 15th, 18:00-19:45 CET: La Comune di Bagnaia

June 22nd, 18:00-19:45 CET: Gaia Terra

Where we’ve been

In our first adventure we landed in the Iberian Peninsula, first stop: El Molino de Guadalmesi, a small and vibrant community at Spain’s southernmost tip. We then headed to Seville and Los Portales, where self-development and dreamwork are combined with self-sufficiency on a vast farm in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. Our last stop was Arterra Bizimodu, home to the GEN EU office – a community based on sociocratic governance and building skills for the transition founded in vast former hotel. Participants told us the tours were “inspiring, heartwarming and authentic” – don’t miss out on our next adventures!