Let us change the world, helping one another to build one ecovillage after the other

We are a fledgling ecovillage in the Alps of NW Italy, Comunità rigenerative.

Why the plural in our name? In the longer term, we dream of several interconnected communities, semi-autonomous in various mountain hamlets in this valley. We are in an emergency! The house we have rented so far in Drocala, the main house of the community, with its common spaces and its land where we grow our food and fibres, is now for sale! In order to be able to continue using it and survive, we need to buy it now!
Would you help us out with a donation?

To know more and make a donation, go to our page here and donate an amount of your choosing, by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. If you wish, you can choose one of our marvellous rewards, depending on the amount, our way of beginning to thank you! Can we count on your help? We need the support of all like-minded people, all like-hearted souls. Support us to survive and thrive! We call on our wonderful network to help us! We ask you because we share the same values, the same vision! We ask you because we believe this has deep meaning for you!

Our project, born from the bottom up, has the intention of bringing about radical change and needs
the support of all like-minded people. Because only together is it possible.

Want to know more about us? Read on, and then visit the link given above.

We are a community, an ecovillage under construction in the Anzasca Valley in the province of
Verbania, in the Alps of NW Italy. There is a map at the link given above.

We have been bringing regeneration to three hamlets for over two years. Our dream is to create self-sufficient communities, places to live in harmony with the ecology of relationships and the planet. We aim for self-sufficiency in food, energy and everything else we need. Recovering terraced land, homes, and vitality from abandonment and subsequent degradation. Together.
In these almost two and a half years we have recovered land overrun by brambles, regenerated the soil with ecological approaches to agriculture, hosted over 200 people from all over Europe and even the US, who have come to get to know us and experience living and working together with us. We have offered some 15 courses in Nonviolent Communication and dry stone wall restoration. One step at a time, we are now already a fairly international intentional community of 7 adults and 2 children of four different nationalities, and we aim to expand by attracting new residents (possibly willing to learn Italian and/or Esperanto, though we all speak English, and some of us also Spanish, German &/or French).

Written by Marco from Comunità rigenerative APS (Aspiring member since Oct 23)

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