GEN Europe Embraces Diversity and Growth by introducing the new Ecoprojects Category!

We are thrilled to unveil a dynamic new membership category aimed at embracing a wider spectrum of regenerative projects: The so called Ecoprojects.

This innovative addition opens our doors to a variety of initiatives from urban co-housing communities to permaculture farms, learning centers, and eco-tourism destinations.

Each project, while unique in its approach, shares a common commitment to our ecovillage principles, fostering ecological and social reGENeration.

Our Why

Expanding Our Community

We believe in inclusivity and celebrating initiatives that align with ecovillage values and principles and believe that ecoprojects play a pivotal role in promoting regenerative living practices and embodying the essence of our movement. The ecoprojects category allows us to support and recognize initiatives that promote the ecovillage lifestyle and principles through education, demonstration, and other focused activities, even if they do not meet the criteria required for full ecovillage membership, often due to their specific goals or urban settings.

Welcoming Diversity

Ecoproject members come in various forms and sizes, but they all share a common purpose and vision centred on creating a balanced and regenerative culture that integrates ecological, social, economic, and cultural dimensions. Projects eligible for this category include:

  • Urban Co-Housing Projects & Communes: Initiatives that promote communal living and sustainable urban lifestyles.
  • Learning and Demonstration Centers: Facilities dedicated to educating the public about regenerative practices.
  • Green Schools: Educational institutions focusing on environmental sustainability and stewardship.
  • Permaculture Centers and Farms: Sites practicing and teaching permaculture principles.
  • Restoration Sites: Projects aimed at restoring natural habitats and ecosystems.
  • Holistic Centers: Places promoting holistic health and well-being in harmony with nature.
  • Eco Tourism Sites: Destinations offering sustainable tourism experiences.

Your Why

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider becoming a GEN Europe Ecoprojects member today:

  • Boost Your Visibility and Reach: Joining as a member means your courses, seminars, and articles will be promoted through GEN Europe’s website, newsletter, and social media channels. This exposure not only spreads the word about your project but also connects you with a wider audience who share your passion for regeneration! Currently, GEN Europe is counting around 3.700 newsletter subscribers, 4.100 Instagram followers and 18.000 Facebook followers.
  • Access Valuable Resources and Support: Enjoy access to the GEN Europe Membership Area and stay updated through exclusive monthly communications. These resources provide practical tools and insights to help your project thrive. On top of this, we also offer you to attend our annual Gathering at a discounted rate.
  • Engage and Shape the Future: As a member, you can actively contribute to GEN Europe’s initiatives and get involved in projects GEN Europe is developing. You have the opportunity to propose agenda items for discussion at the General Assembly, where your voice matters in shaping the direction of our collective efforts towards our mission.

    Becoming a GEN Europe Ecoprojects member isn’t just about benefits—it’s about joining a supportive community, accessing valuable resources, and becoming part of a movement that creates a more meaningful and positive impact.

    Ready to learn more about Ecoprojects?

    Visit our Membership page and explore how you can become a member of our network today enjoying our many benefits!

    Illustrations by Emilie Lamon.

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