Danish Ecovillage Network recognised with CISU Initiative Award

Representatives from LØS and GEN Ukraine receive the CISU award

The Danish Ecovillage Network, LØS, has been recognised for its development cooperation work by CISU, the Danish civil society organisation. The CISU Initiative Award recognises outstanding organisations in Denmark that create awareness of development work and was awareded this year at a ceremony in Odense on 22 April.

CISU selected LØS to receive the award for its commitment to helping displaced Ukrainians, as an example of how communities can step up and contribute to solutions to global challenges. When the war broke out, LØS was one of the first civil society organisations to take action and was able to move swiftly thanks to its existing close relationship to GEN Ukraine, the Ukrainian ecovillage network, with whom they share the prize. Together they have worked on a documentary film The Green Road: A home away from home which follows the stories of displaced Ukrainians who have found shelter in the country’s ecovillages.

The prize is split between LØS and GEN Ukraine, which will use the funds to support children’s summer camps. To learn more about how ecovillages in Ukraine have mobilised to support displaced people through the Green Road, and to donate to their ongoing vital work, visit our Ukraine news hub. You can also visit GEN Ukraine’s homepage. We warmly congratulate LØS and GEN Ukraine for the much-deserved award!

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