Acclaimed economist Christian Felber to participate in 2023 European Ecovillage Gathering

The writer and lecturer will join over 50 workshop leaders at 26th edition of annual festival of sustainable lifestyles

Christian Felber. Photo: Allard Willemse

We are thrilled to announce the participation of renowned economist Christian Felber as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at this year’s European Ecovillage Gathering. Felber is an award-winning author and the initiator of the Economy for the Common Good, a sustainable and holistic economic model and practice that aims to reorient economic activities towards the common good.

Felber’s workshop, “Economy for the Common Good – a Model Fit for the Future,” will introduce attendees to the core principles of the model and its practical applications. It will explore alternatives to the current economic system and how this systemic design of the economy provides for equal rights, just distribution and the respect of the ecological planetary boundaries.

Felber highlights the urgent need for an alternative economic model: “The planetary crisis requires a deeply sustainable, social and humane economic model and practice. The economy for the common good puts ecological boundaries, human rights and needs, and a flourishing society, at the core of its model and offers practical instruments for its implementation.”

Felber also recognizes the role of ecovillages as future labs for sustainable and solidary lifestyles: “Ecovillages are future labs for ecological and solidary lifestyles from which the world can learn a lot. They may both implement and develop and co-create sustainable and humane economic practices that do not serve profit and growth, but the greater good.”

A versatile presenter, Felber will also offer a workshop on contact improvisation, one of over 50 other talks, workshops and experiences on offer at the Gathering: a family-friendly event where participants can get a deeper understanding of ecovillages and community living. The event features workshops on permaculture, ecovillage technology, community-building, activism, and more.

The European Ecovillage Gathering is an annual event that brings together individuals and communities from across the world dedicated to promoting sustainable living and exploring new models of social and economic organisation. It is organised annually in a different ecovillage by GEN Europe, the European ecovillage network, and this year in collaboration with GEN Germany and Nature Community. The event will take place in Nature Community, Germany from July 12th to 17th, 2023.

For more information on the 2023 European Ecovillage Gathering, visit For more information on Christian Felber and the economy of the common good, visit his website.

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