What’s New in GEN EU Membership?

Dear community enthusiasts, fellow stewards of the Earth and guardians of community spirit!

Are you yearning to be part of an international family built on love, trust, and solidarity?
Does your community seek support to turn your regenerative vision into reality?

GEN Europe warmly welcomes ecoprojects, ecovillages, networks, and individuals into our Europe-wide network and extends a warm invitation to explore the exciting updates unfolding in 2024 within our Membership Scheme.

With our roots firmly planted in the network that has been nurtured for the many years since its creation, let’s delve into the rhythms of change:

What’s New?

We’ve been listening closely to your feedback, and we’re thrilled to introduce the following exciting updates to our membership structure.

New Benefits:

  • Access to the exclusive Membership Area: Dive into our exclusive membership area, where you’ll find a treasure box of resources, connections, and support tailored to your needs.
  • Buddy Support System: Our new buddy support system supports the journey from aspiring to full membership. This way you will get more support from an established member for a smooth transition and integration into the GEN community with more personalised guidance and assistance at every stage of your journey.
  • More Delegate Tickets: Represent GEN EU at the annual General Assembly & Gatherings with increased access to delegate tickets. Your voice and presence matters, and we want to make it more accessible and amplify it providing now up to 3 more delegate tickets!

Introducing Ecoproject Membership:

  • We’re delighted to welcome ecoprojects of all shapes and sizes into our community. Whether you’re a learning and demonstration centre, green school, permaculture centre or farm, restoration site, holistic centre or eco tourism site. There’s a place for you here if you see yourself aligning with our ecovillage values and principles.

GEN Europe’s application process is designed to be straightforward and supportive for ecoprojects, and aspiring and full ecovillage and network members with our Membership Manager providing prompt guidance and feedback.
Buddy Communities/Networks are there to lend a helping hand, offering mentorship and ensuring alignment with GEN values. Membership fees are tailored to country income levels, and signing the Statement of Tolerance shows your commitment to inclusivity and shared values.

We also offer financial support for members attending the General Assembly or pursuing projects, depending on needs and our financial standing.

Fill out the application form

If you attend our Gathering, you’ll automatically become an individual member, with access to the members area and tailored materials to keep the inspiration flowing long after the Gathering. Otherwise, you can directly register here:
Fill out the application form

So what are you waiting for?
Join us in 2024 and let’s grow and nurture the seeds of change we are planting within the European Ecovillage Network.

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