Episode 10: Voices from Ukraine with Maksym Zalevski and Steffen Emrich

Today on Community we’re rebroadcasting an episode of GEN EU board member and veteran ecovillager Steffen Emrich’s podcast, All About Community. Steffen has been closely involved in the ecovillage response to war in Ukraine, and in this episode he speaks to GEN Ukraine president Maksym Zalevski about how Ukraine’s ecovillagers are facing the current crisis.

Makysm talks about his unusual journey into ecovillages, and how he and his colleagues in GEN Ukraine are now spearheading the ambitious Green Road initiative, which is offering shelter and support in ecovillages to hundreds of refugees around the country.

You can learn about how we’re supporting Ukraine and what you can do to help here, and find more episodes of Steffen’s podcast here.