“Future Roots Gathering” – A Glimpse into the Future of Ecovillages!

We are thrilled to share a sneak peek of the “Future Roots Gathering” – an inspiring event in the making to unfold in Damanhur, Italy, in October 2024.

This unique event, a collaborative effort between NextGEN Europe (the youth European branch of the Global Ecovillage Network) and YTS (Yes To Sustainability), aims to bring together a variety of people with minds passionate about sustainable living and community-driven solutions, with a special focus on youth and future. 

In a world where ecovillages play a central role in the great turning and social transformation, this gathering will serve as a space to cultivate active hope and networks.

While the gathering is still in an initial planning phase, we promise a fusion of creativity, learning, and celebration of our shared commitment to a regenerative future. Future Roots will offer a platform to co-create and connect, share ideas, and envision the role of youth in the ecovillage movement.

Join us for this co-created event where you’ll:

  • reflect onto generational transition & future community models
  • learn from practice by joining workshops and open spaces
  • experience 5 days in a 50-year community (Damanhur)

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months. We are just at the beginning of this exciting journey. Together, let’s nurture the seeds of change and watch them grow into a thriving, sustainable world.

To make this gathering possible we will need the support of the network so if you or your community would like to invest in this event you can make a donation to GEN Europe account by clicking the button below and writing “Future Roots”.

This gathering it’s already alive in our hearts – now to make it happen we need your support! If you or your community feel the sparkle to contribute in making this possible, you can direct your donation to GEN Europe account.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, ideas or possibility of collaboration or funding you can write at futureroots@gen-europe.org 

With anticipation,

YTS & NextGEN Europe

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