RESPONSIBILITIES and LEGAL aspects to become a member of the Council

The Council members are elected by the General Assembly for a 3 years term. They represent the Association in all judicial and extrajudicial matters of the Association. All council members are entitled to act individually.
The Council, acting in accordance with the general aims and goals described in article 2 of the Statutes, has all powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration and disposal of assets; and it supervises organization and financial management.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Sociocratic skills 
  • Emotional competency
  • Ecovillage life skills

REQUIREMENTS for a candidate to the Council:

  • “Working” ability with written and spoken  English
  • Ability to physically join two annual four-day meetings
  • Ability to physically join the General Assembly
  • Ability to actively join the majority of the monthly online Council and Staff meetings
  • Ability to actively engage with one a GEN Europe Operational Circle (OC) and act as the vision-holder for it
  • Ability to design the general strategy of GEN Europe, take decisions and support the staff

Please note that this list will be expanded and clarified in the coming week!