Annual Reports

Find out what's been happening around the network with our annual reports.

GEN Europe Annual Report 2018

GEN Europe Annual Report 2017 (PDF)

Solution Library

The GEN Solution Library is a crowdsourced index of solutions relating to all aspects of community living: the social, cultural, ecological, economic and whole-system elements of what it means to live together in a sustainable way. From decision-making structures to connection dynamics, from ecological wastewater management to social currencies, you'll find it in the library! Find out more here

Brochures and Flyers

If you'd like to promote GEN-Europe at your event or in your community, you're welcome to print our flyers and brochures, or circulate them via email.

Brochure: Ecovillages as viable models for sustainability

Flyer: Connecting communities for a sustainable world


If you're looking for inspiration, practical tools for community-building and education, or gifts that contribute to a better world, look no further than the GEN International Marketplace! It's full of useful resources for ecovillagers and those interested in community of all kinds.