The wisdom of conscious communities: five ways it made the European Ecovillage Conference unique

A first look back at the Ecovillage Conference 2018

It was just two weeks ago when 600 people from 46 countries across Europe and beyond came together at the European Ecovillage Conference to celebrate the inter-connectivity of sustainable communities and the relevance of their practices and values in the contemporary world.

For the ones who couldn’t make it, we are sharing with you this list of what made the Conference a collection of memorable and enlightening moments. If you were there, sharing smiles, inspiration and meals, we will refresh the heartwarming memories you brought home with you!

  • The people

Connecting with so many dedicated people inspired us all: whether by sharing new ideas and projects or questioning together the Ecovillage movement challenges of bringing its cultural heritage to the world, new connections blossomed, old ones were strengthened.

We were also very excited to witness that more than half of the attendees were newcomers to this ever growing network!

  • The place

Lilleoru community worked hard to get ready to host the event and to warmly welcome us all. The excellent organization and attendees’ gratitude definitely paid off their engagement!

The Flower of Life Park, symbol of universal wisdom and harmony, where some of the Conference workshops and ceremonies took place, gifted us all with delightful moments.

  • The workshops

With 119 talks and workshops showcasing practical examples of low-impact living, social innovation, green business, and collaboration with institutions for sustainability, the evidence suggested that the time is right for community-led innovation to take centre stage and bring its wisdom and knowledge to the world.

  • The Ecovillages

European conscious communities were in the spotlight at this beautiful event where they gathered to showcase solutions, dreams and projects, to inspire each other and to share their way of living with newcomers to the movement!

If you missed it and you are curious to find out what’s happening in our network, check out our map and explore our members websites.

  • The atmosphere

Words can’t really describe the magic that was in the air at Lilleoru, but we are sure this video will give you some hints!

From the amazing food prepared and served by enthusiastic volunteers, to the fascinating speech on GEN Europe’s origin made by one of its original founders, Ross Jackson… to the many moments of joyful celebration and the final  moving plea for international solidarity between communities… everyone contributed to the creation of a wonderful gathering that will forever stay in our hearts and minds.

Next year, the European Ecovillage Conference will be held in July 2019 in La Comune di Bagnaia, in the beautiful Sienese hills in Tuscany, Italy. You are all invited!

We can’t wait to co-create another great event with all of you and in the meanwhile, stay in touch! Get updates about the GEN Gathering 2019 by signing up to our mailing list on See you in Italy!