Co-create the 2018 GEN Conference!

Registration is open for the 2018 European Ecovillage Conference - join us, and be part of co-creating something truly special this summer.

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The European Ecovillage conference may have been running for over 20 years, but each event is completely unique, capturing the spirit of the host country and ecovillage, and the energy of hundreds of participants. 

However, one thing is always certain: that there will be an astounding variety of workshops, from the creative to the practical, from the inspiring to the emotional, from the familiar to the surprising.

Last year alone we welcomed dragon dreamers, eco-builders, ecstatic dancers, morning meditators, artists, architects, entrepreneurs and so much moreā€¦ So now we ask you: what will you bring in 2018?

The spirit of co-creation

Co-creation is one of the concepts closest to the heart of ecovillages - and the conference. Just as each community must play to the strengths of its members to thrive, allowing them freedom to offer their skills in service to the whole, so we offer the conference as a platform for the gifts of the participants, creating something truly special in the process. 

So with that in mind, GEN Europe and Lilleoru warmly invite all participants to take this opportunity to share their gifts by holding a workshop or activity during the event. As in past conferences, these workshops are offered freely by participants.

The Wisdom of Conscious Communities

This year the thread that will weave together the many strands of this exciting gathering is our theme: The Wisdom of Conscious Communities. We know that ecovillages are some of the richest veins of creativity, practical knowledge, and spiritual wisdom in the world today, so we invite you to consider how your workshop could really bring out this theme. 

The programme will also have a strong connection to the four dimensions of sustainability - the social, economic, ecological and cultural - so consider how what you can offer links to one of these dimensions.

How to submit your workshop

Are you ready to submit your workshop? We invite you to fill in the workshop form now!

The deadline for submitting workshops is April 1st. Please be prompt in submitting your workshop - we cannot guarantee a place for everyone in the programme! And remember, in order to give a workshop, you must first register for the conference. 

We look forward to seeing you in Lilleoru!