Building Community Resilience During Crisis in Cameroon

We're sharing a campaign that's close to the hearts of many in GEN Europe - read on to find out what's happening in Cameroon and how we can support Bafut ecovillage in this time of conflict.

Quick but important: Your US dollars, Euro, and other currency will be automatically converted into Great British pounds, so you can EASILY give to this campaign with any funds!

A little bit of context

Life has virtually come to a stand still in Bafut kingdom where inhuman atrocities, looting and burning have left villages in total desolation, confusion, and hopelessness with nowhere to turn.


The Bafut Ecovillage is still standing as an institution of hope for women, children and young people struggling for survival. Better World Cameroon, the non-profit organization (NGO) which runs the ecovillage is actively involved in the region and has the on-the-ground experience to know what will most help the situation.


We need to improve the structures for water sanitation training and provide education materials for growing food, while also offering disaster relief trainings to help the communities regain hope in their community and the life systems around them.

More details

In the last months, a conflict, mostly undiscussed by the international media, has been growing in the country of Cameroon. Aid agencies are having a difficult time accessing the high conflict region of northern Cameroon (please click on the link for details). This campaign facilitates getting funds directly to some of the people most in need.

As part of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), our friends in Bafut Ecovillage have been directly and drastically affected by this situation, their lives even being threatened. The organizing team has had a very challenging time in survive. They need support from our international community to help them keep doing their crucial work in building resilience and self-sufficiency in the region.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

This campaign will provide Better World Cameroon with the necessary funds to directly work on the land and help people in the region. Better World Cameroon will oversee the installation and reparation of core infrastructure and the creation of small workshops to help rebuild hope and peace.

You can join us

We are raising £3200 GBP ($4200 US) to support Bafut Ecovillage by maintaining crucial infrastructure, strengthening and rebuilding basic life systems (food security, water and sanitation, etc) for their community, which have been threatened during this recent conflict, and support the educational work that the Bafut Community is already doing.

A portion of the money will also be used to organize basic disaster relief trainings to help educate and organize their community for future resilience and conflict response. Five percent of the money (£160 of the target goal) will also fund the administrative work of GEN International in order to support and manage this campaign.

We are asking for your support! Please consider giving a gift of $100 or whatever you can afford. We want at least 40 people to donate this amount, which would bring us very close to our goal.