All aboard: setting sail for the GEN Conference

The Baltic Ecovillage Network is organising a unique voyage of discovery and sustainability this summer. Its destination? The GEN Europe Conference.

The European Ecovillage Conference is in many ways an adventure: the discovery of a new ecovillage and a new community, the spontaneous meetings of minds that occur in the excitement of the unexpected, new sensations, chance encounters and deeper connection with others, other ways of being, and even with ourselves...

But what if getting there were an adventure in itself?

The Baltic Ecovillage Network has just such an adventure in mind this summer. Here's their invitation:

"In Summer 2018 a remarkable ship, Hawila, will sail across the Baltic Sea starting from Copenhagen, stopping by Gotland and going all the way to Estonia where the European Global Ecovillage Conference will take place. We invite you to sail onboard Hawila and join the international group of enthusiasts from different communities, green and social initiatives. The voyage will take 25 people together with a professional crew and include a number of workshops, activities and knowledge exchange during the sailing."

Intrigued? Find out more about the voyage and apply to join the crew here.