GEN-Europe welcomes a new council

A new council has been elected to steer GEN-Europe through the next two years - welcome!

GEN-Europe is a tree with many branches: the office and staff work at the central trunk, keeping us strong and steady day to day. Blooming at the tips of the branches are thousands of ecovillagers and hundreds of communities, with fresh new shoots emerging every year.

And the council keeps us true to our roots: these elected members help hold GEN’s long-term vision and assume responsibility for steering the organisation for a period of two years.

Every two years, the baton is passed from one council to the next, and this year at our General Assembly held in Angsbacka, Sweden, it was time to thank our outgoing council and elect new representatives to the roles.

Through two days of sociocratic voting - a process in which all delegates are able to nominate others and express their reasons openly, allowing the collective wisdom of the group to emerge - a brand new council began to form, this time of six members. The diversity of the new group reflects the reality of our network: intergenerational, some with years of experience and some just starting out, all representing different regions across the continent. 

We’re delighted to welcome our new councillors Riccardo (Italy - Comunità di Etica Vivente), Isabelle (France - Oasis), Ethan (Portugal - Tamera), Irene (Basque Country - Amalurra), Camilla (Denmark - Hallingelille), and to celebrate the re-election of Thomas (Germany - Zegg) for a further term.

In the conference’s closing ceremony, the outgoing council passed on a box full of GEN-Europe members’ dreams and hopes for the future to the new council, to symbolise their holding of the network’s vision.

We thank our outgoing councillors for their wisdom, hard work, and dedication to GEN-Europe, all the delegates for their commitment to the voting process, and the new council for accepting this new responsibility. We look forward to working with you!