Sustainable Community Incubator launches in Italy

The process was created by a group of facilitators living in ecovillages who have pooled their knowledge to support others working for change.

The first Italian CLIPS course - the Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability - was held at Torri Superiore ecovillage (Ventimiglia, Italy) from November 23- 27 thanks to the support of R.I.V.E. and Gen Europe .

Through theoretical lessons that were equally balanced  by practical ones, the course members could practice the various tools that CLIPS offers as well as reflect on  and discuss their own life experience .


CLIPS is characterised by a deep systemic vision of projectuality and by the relations and connections existing within the system. For clarity , the writers divided the process into five  planning stages which are necessary for success in community building: Individuals, Community, Intention, Structure and Practice. Each of these categories is analysed in depth and the most appropriate  tools are suggested for  exploring them as a group.


CLIPS has been tested and put into practice in different collectives and communities in nine different European countries and is adaptable to any group which recognizes the values of community, including ecovillages and co-housing as well as  civic groups. 


The next steps for the CLIPS team will be to identify the appropriate strategies needed to create a permanent working group which will  support the creation of new communities and  those already existing with its specific competencies.


To read more about CLIPS, visit the project website.

For contacts with the Italian CLIPS team: clips.rive(at)