Launch and Thrive - Developing a Ukrainian ecovillage network

GEN Ukraine continues its active work of uniting sustainable communities with the support of European partners.

Thanks to the friendship with the Danish network LØS and the help of the Danish ‘CISU’ fund, NGO GEN Ukraine is receiving financial support for the development of its national ecovillage network.

A strategic plan has been developed that includes educational activities and national conferences for community leaders that will contribute to the development and coordination of common activities concerning different questions: administrative, economical, social and, of course, ecological.

The first GEN Ukraine conference took place on 28-30 June in Obyrok Art Village. It gathered around 50 representatives of Ukrainian ecovillages and ecological initiatives. Presentations and group work was carried out to define the strengths and weaknesses of network members, their needs and possibilities, and to express the mission of the organisation together. The grant program also includes the creation of ecovillage and eco-technologies guide, mapping the ecovillages and the launch of a website of national ecovillage network. In addition the strategic plan will include the development of national and international volunteer and educational programs, as well as communication and interaction platforms from which to reach local and national authorities.

The culmination of the strategy will be 4 week Ecovillage Design Course during which participants together with Danish assistance will develop the vision of the national network for the coming years and will improve their ecovillage functioning.

This work will strengthen the importance of sustainable communities in Ukrainian society and will lead to a new stage where ecovillages are practicing centres of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Ukraine.

The design of the strategy and its activities is based on a previous partnership between LØS and the growing ecovillage network in Ghana, that was similarly funded by through the Danish CISU fund. Serving as a second pilot project, this GEN Ukraine - LØS partnership explores how national ecovillage networks can be grown from the national context and motivations. The lessons and ‘best practices’ that we can harvest from this partnership will allow us to create better and more encompassing models for national ecovillage growth.