Ecovillages at the European Rural Parliament

Talking rural revival with activists, politicians and practitioners from across the continent

Where do farmers, mayors, activists and communities meet? In November, we found out: it's the European Rural Parliament, which celebrated its fourth iteration in the beautiful town of Candas, perched on the wild coast of the lush mountainous region of Asturias, Spain.

GEN EU communications manager and co-President of ECOLISE Francesca Whitlock joined ECOLISE's Davie Phillip to talk about community-led responses to the climate crisis. She offered a keynote address highlighting some of the many inspiring initiatives taking on the challenge as an opportunity for rural revival, and two workshops from which we gathered a rich harvest of inputs on the difficulties for community-led initiatives, and who and how we need to engage to support them better in our networks. It was an incredibly enriching experience, meeting and learning dozens of rural development actors from Belgium to Belarus, from Spain to Slovakia, and everywhere in between! It was also a chance to meet allied organisations like ARC 2020​ and Forum Synergies​, doing wonderful work to empower agricultural communities with sustainability at their heart. Read the full story on the ECOLISE website.