Community Biogas Lands in Moldova

The ComBioM project aims to bring small-scale community biogas to rural Moldova

Community Biogas Moldova (ComBioM) is an international project conceived by GEN Europe youth that will skill-share ecovillage wisdom, preparing for the introduction and adaptation of small-scale community biogas for rural Moldova.

During the second half of 2019, technical capacity building (job-shadowing) and a technical, economic and legal feasibility study of a pilot digestor will be conducted by Moldovan partner GENESCOTEC. This will be combined with a public communication component created and managed by the GEN Europe's Biogas Team, born in 2017 in Sweden and made up of youth from all around Europe.

This second component will include a participatory stakeholder analysis on how receptive community development change-makers, both professional and voluntary social mobilisers, are to the concept of community biogas. The results will be publicised in part through a national conference on community biogas held towards the end of the project in Chisinau. The results of the project will be fed into the project application for an implementation phase in which a pilot biogas plant would be built at EcoVisio's training center in Ecovillage Moldova in Riscova village in 2020.

This current phase is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency program Demo Environment, executed by the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth and implemented by NGO RELEARN Suderbyn of Gotland, based in Suderbyn Ecovillage.

Update from the trainer of trainers and IarmarECO 2019

This last two weeks saw huge steps forward for our ComBioM project, as we first organised and trained a team of 5 trainers for project communications and diffusion, and later participated in the largest sustainability themed fair of Moldova!

The Training of Trainers Course took place on 7th and 8th September in Riscova and the GENESCOTEC representatives Eugen Camenschi and Ivan Reabei were there to explain all aspects of community biogas that is required to be able to give introductory information to the general public and specifically interested grassroots community groups and supportive local governments. This gender-balanced team of five biogas communicators were trained on the practical, socio-economic and cultural aspects of community biogas and provided with materials in the local languages to be able to inform stakeholders and potential early adopters about the technology and project.

It was a challenging start in our community building objective and during those 2 days, all the participants involved brought their best ideas, knowledge, and experience into the ComBioM project.

This last weekend was another one full of exciting activities and news. We were blessed to be part of IarmarEco 2019 on 14th and 15th September 2019 and shared with everyone our ideas for the green renewable energy. It was our first public event and our energetic team gave their best to interact with people and share with them everything they know about biogas and to promote our ComBioM Project. It was exciting to see people supporting our idea and being helpful with our stakeholders survey and the interest they have shown in participating further in our workshops to be. These two days gave us hope, strength, and data to bring our ComBioM Project to the next step.

The Communications Team is ready for the 'Awareness Campaign' and the three 'Change-Maker' workshops are about to roll out. Stay tuned as we will come back soon with info regarding the workshops! For more information, visit the project website or Facebook page, or write to us at